+2 Management

Peoples Campus

+2 Management

Currently, we are running Management stream in the morning and day shifts. People’s Campus offers wide range of choice of subjects. This academic program is being operated by a team of professionals and well-experienced faculty members in a disciplined environment.

People’s campus, established in 1981 as one of the leading community based campuses, had started TU Proficiency Certificate Level since its establishment. It has won “Nepal Chamber of Commerce Awards for Excellence” nine times securing best results in Proficiency certificate level of Commerce. With the view of fostering quality education to the students who have passed the secondary level education, N.E.B. +2 Program was launched in 1995 after TU phased out Proficiency certificate level.The +2 level now is run by Nepal Education Board.

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Class time

Morning: 6:15 AM - 10:40 PM
Day: 11 AM - 3:15 PM

Course Composition

Class XI

Course List for XI

S.N Subjects Credit hour Course code
1 Compulsory English
2 Compulsory Nepali
3 Social Studies
4 Accounting
5 Computer Science/ Business Studies ( Optional 1 )
6 Economics ( Optional 2 )
7 Hotel Management ( Optional 3 )

Class XII

Course List for XII

S.N Subjects Credit hour Course code
1 Compulsory English
2 Principles of Accountancy
3 Business Studies
4 Economics
5 Business Mathematics / Marketing
6 Computer Science / Hotel Management
7 Basic Mathematics