People’s Campus 10+2

People’s Campus was established in 1981 by a team of dedicated educationists, academicians, and social workers with the objective of fostering quality education. It’s a public owned co-educational private institution located at Paknajol, Kathmandu, which is within a few minutes’ walk from the city center. The surrounding environment is quite peaceful which is suitable for learning and teaching.

For about three decades, People’s Campus has been concentrating on quality education. Along with the changing pace and demand of time, the campus has been modifying and modernizing the teaching methodologies and organizing various types of demand-driven training for the teachers. The teaching methodology is always learner-centered. In order to strengthen the learner autonomy in the classroom and motivate the learner intrinsically, the teachers organize activities such as workshops, presentations, seminar papers and indeed well modified lectures. In addition to meeting the goals and activities set by the curriculum, our student apply their skills and knowledge in the real life situation which is evidenced by their success in different walks of life.

The campus believes in the principle and practice of team-sprit. All the teachers, administrative staff and members of the managing committee work hand in hand together to ensure quality education through which each individual student can aim at success. This has been proved by the face that People’s Campus has regularly been receiving the prestigious Nepal Chamber of Commerce ‘Award for Excellence’ for securing the best results in management education.

Late Tirtha Ratna Bajracharya’s Contribution has been a milestone in the progress of the campus. In his remembrance the campus has established “People’s Campus T. R. Bajracharya Gold Medal” to award the top TU student at the B.A. Level.

People’s Campus has been a pioneering institution among community based educational institutions, where quality education is within the easy access of all students as the fees are affordable for all types of students. This campus offers various programs of education in various streams.

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